Healthcare connectivity redefined

Build your digital clinic to make your therapy more effective and efficient

Healthcare connectivity redefined

Build your digital clinic to make your therapy more effective and efficient

Launch your digital therapy clinic with Kinva

Set your patients’ personalised therapy goals, and monitor and support their recovery and health with individualised real-time feedback and wellness coaching.

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Connecting therapists & coaches with their global kin.

Kinva is an unparalleled and innovative platform that allows a wide variety of professionals and service-providers to create in-app programmes or plans, bespoke and tailored to their patient’s or customer’s individual needs, sent from the instructor’s desk to the client’s device.


Create & support

Build a bespoke therapeutic plan for each client using your dedicated media library. Design your own or let us help you with our easy-to-use templates. Support your clients throughout their entire therapeutic journey.

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Organise & grow

Manage your caseload from your practice dashboard, and save over 100 hours of admin per year per practitioner, giving you more time to expand your practice.

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Learn & improve

Use your clients' accountability data to gain meaningful metrics for personalised healthcare, engage with your clients, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your therapy practice.

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Give your clients a truly multidisciplinary therapeutic experience by collaborating with fellow global specialists, making your practice's offering bespoke and unique.

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Everyday made easier

Create your global clinic in a few simple steps


Create an account

Complete our easy step-by-step setup and you're good to go


Add your clients

Create your kin members and start reaching out


Create plans

Start helping your clients straightaway with your media


Send to clients

Welcome to your digital clinic


Monitor & track progress

Watch your clients thrive as you guide them through their journey

Everyday but easier


Help clients improve in a simple, secure way

Kinva enables health and wellbeing professionals in both the public and private sector to carry out their work in a much more efficient and effective way. By encouraging a more targeted and clearer means of communicating a therapy plan, Kinva results in improved outcomes for patients, as well as allow therapists to manage their caseloads much more effectively.

Kinva is a global community platform, thoughtfully crafted for professionals to enable delivery of personalised whole-person lifecare, with robust security and multi-disciplinary public and private sector input all in one place. Our customers digitally connect with clients, making their offering more effective and efficient. By streamlining delivery, Kinva enables everyone to get expert help, with tailored plans with media repository, at the right time. Reduced waiting lists. Reduced costs. Guiding and getting results.


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