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Kinva is a unique, secure platform allowing allied healthcare and other professionals to connect directly with their clients and patients, providing them with bespoke, tailored, outcomes-focused therapeutic plans.

Kinva reduces the need for clinics, reduces costs and carbon footprint, creates much-needed accountability, and improves client outcomes.


How we can help Health Services

Access hard-to-reach patients

Gain out of hours capacity

Increase treatment capacity

Boost recovery rates

Reduced waiting lists

Provide patients with latest technology and innovation

Reduced waiting times

Simpler to view documents on the go

Improved caseload management

Flexible appointments

Accessible media repository

Improved outcomes for your patients

Healthcare systems that come out ahead will be those who act decisively, invest to build capabilities at scale, work hard to rewire the care delivery model, and deliver distinctive high-quality care.


Telehealth Report 2021 - McKinsey & Co. 

Experience the next chapter of digital health with Kinva.

Kinva allows therapists to create bespoke therapy plans with day-to-day scheduling, sent directly to the client's device. Therapists can include media in the plan, such as videos, documents, links. They can see when a client has completed a task, assess it remotely, and provide feedback, support, and encouragement. They can manage their caseload more efficiently. They can create GDPR-compliant groups – a community, the ability to share the journey and help and support each other at a time when we are all more and more separated from each other.

With bank-level encryption, therapists are assured that their clients' data is secure. Kinva reduces the need for clinics, reduces costs and carbon footprint, creates much-needed accountability, and improves client outcomes.

✔ Create an omnichannel care model

✔ Improve patient outcomes

✔ Improve chronic condition management

✔ Enhance patient access, convenience, and continuity of care

✔ Access clients previously inaccessible

✔ Remote patient connection and support

✔ Proactive digital patient engagement

✔ Provide virtual home health and wellbeing


higher telehealth utilisation since 2020


patients using digital health since 2020


of patients in 2020 wanted a digital healthcare solution

Telehealth report, McKinsey & Co., 2021


Health is a state of complete mental, social and physical well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

- World Health Organisation

How has COVID-19 changed the outlook for telehealth?





Telehealth report, McKinsey & Co., 2021

Consumers now interested in telehealth moving forward from Covid-19

Of providers view telehealth more favourably than they did before COVID-19 and 64% more comfortable using it.

More telehealth visits than pre-COVID. Health systems, independant practices, behavioural health providers, and others rapidly scaled telehealth offerings to fill the gap between need and cancelled in-person care.

Of consumers now using telehealth to replace cancelled healthcare visits.

A cleaner future

Kinva improves the environmental impact of healthcare providers.


of global carbon emissions are from healthcare providers.


government health services are committed to lowering their healthcare systems' carbon footprint.


have pledged to reach net zero before 2050.


We believe in the human touch

If you would like to learn more about our platform, speak to us to learn how we can have a positive impact on your practice.


We're on a mission to improve the quality, effectiveness & accessibility of therapy and coaching.

- Kinva

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